Paranormal & Sci-Fi Romance Audio Books

Kate Rudolph has several sci-fi romance audio books available. They can be purchased at Audible, Amazon, Apple Books, Chirp Books, Kobo, Google Play and other stores. Want to see your favorite title as an audio book? Contact Kate Rudolph and request it! Click on the books below to find links to the audio book store of your choice.

Detyen Universe Sci-Fi Romance Audio Books

Detyen Warriors

Each Detyen Warriors novel can be read as a standalone. Enjoy feisty women, alpha aliens, fated mates, and relationships hot enough to steam up your screen. Start with Soulless where Raze and Sierra meet and everything changes. The series continues with Ruthless, Heartless, Faultless, and concludes with Endless and takes you on an interstellar journey full of adventure, romance, danger, and a whole lot of fun!

Mated to the Alien

Ruwen NaNaran knows he’s a goner. The curse of his alien species has put a countdown on his life, and he’ll be dead before the month is out. Unless he finds his denya, the only woman in the universe who can save him.

Zulir Warrior Mates

Synnr’s Saint kicks off the Zulir Warrior Mates action/adventure science fiction romance series. The heroines were abducted from Earth, but they’re ready to fight back alongside their alien warrior mates.

Winter Starr

Holidays… intergalactic style. Celebrate the season, whatever planet you're on!

Paranormal Romance Audiobooks

Stealing the Alpha

Join shifter thief Mel as she clashes with lion alpha Luke in an explosive trilogy of two opposites who can’t keep away from one another. What starts as a simple mission leads them on a journey that could change their lives… or end them.