Title: Flint
Contributors: Kate Rudolph
Series: Dragon Brides #9, Intergalactic Dating Agency #9
Release Date: 11/1/2023

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Dragon lord Flint's hunger for excitement leads him to Intergalactic Dating Agency: Adventures who promise to find him a mate who matches his own fiery desires.
Human Liza has no idea aliens exist - or that she's been talking to an alien dating agency for months, pouring her hear out about her abusive home life. When she finally begs for help, Flint's right there... but she has no idea why. And when he teleports her away from home she's sure she's being abducted.
In her desperate bid to escape, Liza sends them hurtling down to a dangerous watery planet full of monsters eager to eat her... or worse. Liza refuses to rely on any man, even if her accidental kidnapper is a better option than a wild water dragon. But as she and Flint are thrown closer together, sparks and flames fly amidst the chaos. Soon Liza's questioning whether she wants to go home again.
Maybe abduction isn't such a bad thing, after all.

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