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Title: Asher
Contributors: Kate Rudolph
Series: Dragon Brides #7, Intergalactic Dating Agency #7

Release Date: 9/6/2023


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Direct from Kate

Asher knows what he wants and a mate isn't part of the bargain. But when his boss turns her marriage minded meddling his way, he's forced to take a meeting with the Intergalactic Dating Agency. There's no way the matchmaker can find a lady who will meet his exacting standards. Then Zoe Gershwin crashes into his life and chaos ensues.

Zoe's playing the hottest new Alternate Reality game and it's so realistic she'd almost believe she's really in space. There's a hot dragon lord, an alien planet, and really strange game mechanics. It has to be a game, otherwise it means Zoe's been abducted by aliens and plopped down on a strange planet a long way from home. How is she supposed to get out of this mess?

When the dragon lord makes an offer, it's her only way home. But why does he need a fake fiance? And can she play the part and keep her hands to herself?