The Mate Bundle

Title: The Mate Bundle
Contributors: Kate Rudolph

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Find your mate…
It happens in the dark of the night under the full moon. Wolves howl, shifters run, and fate shows her hand. These four sensual tales of steamy shifter romance show exactly what can happen when the sun goes down.

A Night with Two Mates
A desperate woman and a stormy night…
Darla is barely scraping by, and she’ll do anything for her next check. Including hunt werewolves. But the wintery night is cold and treacherous and she soon finds herself soaking wet and desperate for shelter.

Two extraordinary men…
On a rare magical night, Storm and Jace are balanced on the knife’s edge of humanity. One scent of Darla tells them all they need to know. She’s their fated mate, destined for them both.
Caught between two alphas, Darla will learn pleasures she’s never known, and experience chances she’s never imagined.

The Mate that Got Away
She left her mate behind…
After leaving home in disgrace, Daphne never planned to return. But fate--and car trouble--brought her back, and her mate is waiting, determined to make her his.

Now an alpha, Kieran has never forgotten the woman he knows belongs to him. And now that he has her in his arms again, he won’t let go.

But to remain in the pack, Daphne must fight for her place against an old enemy, or lose the man she loves for good.

Mated by Midnight
It's dangerous to be alone on the night of the full moon.
Eager males chase her through the streets and Dani can’t run fast enough until last minute help saves her from a terrible fate. Or so she thinks.

Then she’s locked in a basement with Hugo, a darkly dangerous werewolf she’s been eyeing for months. The moon calls on them to mate, and Dani doesn't want to resist. Hugo can have her however he wants.

As long as he agrees to keep her forever.

Forbidden Mate
How can she mate with a man she doesn’t love?
To save her father’s pack, Riley must become the mate of a man she’s never met. And her heart is broken in two when her best friend Jake reveals his true feelings on the eve of her commitment to another man.

Riley can’t live without Jake, and she can’t betray her pack. But there may be another way. And when she declares a hunt, she’s the prize.

Her best friend can have her heart. Once he proves he is the fiercest werewolf around.

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