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Exile’s Hunter Chapter Twenty-One: Free Sci-fi Romance

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Walking away was the smart thing to do. Kenzie knew that. She always did the smart thing. She had to do the smart thing. But the smart thing flew out of her mind the second Mad kissed her. His kiss had a way of making her burn. She’d been kissed plenty of times over the years, but it had never been like this.

All his talk about soulmates made her dream, but she had to squash that down. She didn’t have time to think about the future when she had a job to do.

This kiss was in the here and now. And she could steal this time away with him; it would be enough to power her through the rest of her journey. It had to be. Because she had a feeling she was never going to get over Mad.

That was craziness. She’d known him a week. Not even a week! And yet he’d already carved a place in her heart that was his for good. He’d left his mark on her.

And she wanted more.

Kenzie wrapped her legs around his hips, giving him all her weight and trusting him to hold her up. He did it like she weighed nothing. And the angle of the kiss got even better. He was too tall, really. Or he should have been. But they were both determined to make it work.

His tongue cast a spell on her, and she gladly gave into his magic. She loved the feel of his hair through her fingers, and she moaned as one of his hands cupped her ass. There were too many clothes between them, but if she wanted him naked, she’d have to let him go.

She wanted to keep enjoying this for as long as she could.

They’d fucked that morning. It should have been enough. He should have been out of her system by now. She’d never felt this kind of need for anyone before.

How was she supposed to cope?

More kissing. Definitely more kissing.

She wanted him to give into his most barbaric urges and rip her clothes off of her, but some tiny bit of sanity intruded to remind her that she didn’t exactly have a huge wardrobe and she couldn’t afford to lose more garments.


But she could imagine the feel of him tearing through her clothes and throwing her on the bed, looming over her and taking her like some kind of warrior king of old.

Fuck. Yes.


If they had someday.

She wanted someday more than she knew how.

Mad laid her on the bed and pulled away despite the way she clung to him. She would have been embarrassed by the sound that came out of her mouth if it hadn’t made his eyes darken in desire.

She reached for her buttons, but Mad grabbed her wrists and wrenched them up above her head before undoing the buttons himself.

He wanted to play it like that? Okay. Kenzie could play along. But if he wanted to keep her in place, he was going to have to use that wonderful strength of his.

Or his lips. Fuck, yes, those were good too.

He bared her breasts to the cool air of the room, but that wasn’t what made her nipples harden. No, that was the lust surging through her and making her wanton. He leaned down and used that marvelous tongue of his, sucking on her tits and making her moan even louder.

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Kenzie didn’t care if his neighbors could hear. All she cared about right then was him and the sensations he gave her.

How did it get better each time they came together?

What would it be like if they kept doing this?

She didn’t think her mind could handle it. Mad worshiped her breasts like she was laid out on an altar, and she’d never felt more like a sensual goddess. Her body was on fire, and she was so wet she was practically dripping. She could feel his cock brush against her, but he seemed content to ignore it.

For now.

She wanted him inside of her. She was empty and she needed him. And with every tease of his tongue, he brought her closer and closer to the edge without even touching her cunt.


He kissed his way down and hiked the skirt of her tunic up until she was bared to him, legs spread and ready for more. Mad was clearly determined to drive her crazy with want, and Kenzie was happy to go along for the ride.

His tongue found her cunt, and all she could do was writhe under him as he did wicked things to her. Writhe under him and beg for more. The man was a master and she his willing instrument. The sounds he coaxed from her were notes she didn’t know she could hit.

And still he demanded more.

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Her barbarian was relentless. She was his spoils and would have been more than happy to be conquered. But she’d jumped in his bed herself.

She’d be crazy to ever leave.

Reality tried to intrude, and Kenzie shoved it aside. For now, she had Mad and she would enjoy it. Dwelling on the future only led to hurt and worry. She didn’t need that, not right now.

Mad slid a finger into her wet entrance, and Kenzie gasped. The gasp turned into a groan as a second finger joined. She was more than ready for his cock, but the man was determined to make this last.

She couldn’t complain.

Her fingers clutched at the edge of his bed, digging into the mattress so she didn’t reach down and try to take control. This was his show and she was loving it. She could take over later.


But why would she want to when he was determined to make her brain melt with pleasure?

She danced on the edge of orgasm for so long that she knew she had to be begging him to let her come, but her words weren’t quite coherent. And from the satisfied smirk Mad gave her, that was exactly what he wanted.

Then he went back to work, and she couldn’t stop the orgasm if she tried. It ripped through her and she called out his name, hips bucking against him as her body rippled.

How did he make her feel so much? How could he give her even more?

She was still breathing hard as Mad covered her body, holding himself over her like he was doing a push up. He grinned down at her, looking very proud of himself. “Can you take me?” he asked.

Asked? More like challenged. And Kenzie was ready for more. “Try me.”

Mad groaned and kissed her roughly. Kenzie loved it. His control was on the edge, and she wanted him to let go. She wanted to see what happened when the barbarian inside was unleashed.

And as he thrust inside of her, that was it. This was no slow lovemaking. Mad took her with a groan, hips moving quickly and setting a pace she could barely match. But Kenzie wanted everything he could give her, and match it she did.

He held her tight enough to leave bruises, and she loved the thought of wearing his mark. She wanted this man branded under her skin where she could never forget him.

Her body surrendered again, shuddering around him in ecstasy, and Mad followed quickly after.

They lay together as they came down from their passion, and Kenzie wished she could stay. Sleep clawed at her and it would be so easy to give into it, to let Mad gather her close and hold her through the night.

She wanted it more than she wanted almost anything.

But people were looking for her, and she’d almost been discovered at Mad’s place once before.

“Don’t go yet,” Mad said into the darkness around them. “Stay just a bit longer.”

Not the night. He knew she couldn’t do that, and she was grateful he didn’t ask. If he had, she wasn’t sure she could make herself say no.

“Just a few more minutes,” she agreed. She let him hold her, but she fought off sleep with every mental weapon she had. She couldn’t give in. Not tonight.

What would it be to spend a night with this man for real? The first time didn’t count, not when it had ended with her knife at his throat.

This thing between them was dangerously real. And that scared Kenzie enough to finally sneak out of bed. Mad teetered on the edge of sleep and only made a mumbling noise of protest.

She looked back at him one last time after she was dressed and almost leaned in to kiss him. But if she kissed him, she knew she wouldn’t leave.

She forced herself to climb out his window without looking back. But she knew she’d left a piece of her heart in that bed with him.

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