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Exile’s Hunter Chapter Twenty-Nine: Free Sci-fi Romance

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Emotions swirled within Mad, and he’d never been more on edge. They stood in his throne room in his palace.

Kenzie was his mate. His fated mate.

This was no bond formed out of a desperate need for the energy that flowed between them. This was something formed by fate and decreed by the universe. And Mad needed his woman to understand exactly where they stood.

This was his palace.

But she was his queen.

He scooped her up in his arms and strode across the room until he seated her on his throne. She deserved a throne of her own right beside his, but that was a problem for a later day. He refused to be here without her. He wouldn’t reign alone.

“Mad,” Kenzie said before he knelt at her feet and ran his hands over her legs. “Fuck.” She breathed it out.

Fuck yes. He needed this. They both needed this. It was time to feast.

Kenzie wore a dress right now, pale blue and nearly translucent in places. He didn’t know where she’d gotten it but he wanted to find her a dozen more. Another part of him wanted to burn it. The dress showed off his mate to the world, and a violent, possessive part wanted to keep her only for himself.

He growled, and Kenzie put a hand on his shoulder. “You doing okay there, big guy?” she asked in a tone a person might use with an animal.

There was a sea inside of him, waves crashing violently against the shore and demanding he take action, that he take his mate. “More than fine,” he told her, the words low, a dark promise.

Her legs fell open, just enough for him to trace his hands over her naked thighs and hike her skirt up until she was bared for him. She wore nothing under the dress, an unbearable temptation.


His cock threatened to burst out of his leathers, and he refused to touch it. Not now, not yet. He would bury himself deep inside of her until he forgot where he ended and she began, but first he had to feast.

He laid kisses on her thighs, first on top and then making his way inside and teasing her tender flesh. She shivered and didn’t resist as he looped her legs over his shoulders and opened her fully to him.

He couldn’t get enough of her taste on his tongue, earthly and womanly and everything he wanted. He could stay here for days, his tongue and lips bringing her more pleasure than he ever imagined he knew how to give.

And when her fingers dug into his scalp, he groaned. He wanted her to hold him there and use him, to take her pleasure as a queen should when her subject knelt at her feet. She was wet around him, her arousal growing with every lap of his tongue. But Mad refused to pull away until she screamed his name.

This was their coronation. He might have defeated the former king and taken the palace, but right now he was truly becoming king.

Kenzie’s hips bucked and she cried out his name as the first orgasm took her, and Mad felt masculine satisfaction at bringing her over that wave. But he wanted more. He wanted her clinging to him with lust until she forgot everything except the heat between them.

He didn’t let up, and she begged him for more.

He had to reach down and free himself from his own leathers, undoing the string that held them in place and shoving his pants down. If he touched himself, this would all be over, but having his cock free to the air was its own kind of torture.

A torture he would gladly endure so long as his mate took her pleasure from his tongue.

She did, coming again, even harder this time.

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And Mad could take no more. He had to be inside her. Now.

He surged up and took her with him, seating himself on the throne and taking her down to his lap. Her pupils were blown wide with pleasure, her bottom lip swollen from where she must have bit it to keep from crying out.

He wanted her sounds. He wanted everything from her.

She slid down onto him slowly, her face a wash of pleasure as her tight heat enveloped him. Mad buried his face in the crook of her neck, groaning out a noise as the slow press of her body nearly undid him. It was too much. Too, too much.

And yet there was more.

Her body swallowed him fully until he was seated deep inside of her, right where he belonged. The mate bond flared between them, energy rushing into him and growing within her. He didn’t know how humans did it or quite how the mate bond functioned to allow him to pull energy from Kenzie without harming her.

Right now, it didn’t matter. All that mattered was the physical bond between them.

She moved, riding him like some sort of wild creature, her body sliding against his. Mad clutched her hips and thrust up with her, their bodies moving together. It was fast and wet and perfect.

And he had to use every ounce of discipline he’d ever learned to keep from spilling himself right then, it felt so good.

But he hung on.

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Kenzie arched her head back, bearing her throat fully, a moan coming from deep in her throat. Mad laid kisses all along her sensitive skin and watched as a flush crawled over her.

Stars above, she was magnificent.

And all his.

Her moan turned into a gasp, and her body shuddered around his, clutching him tight in its grasp. And he was undone, shooting into her as his own release found him.

Kenzie shuddered against him and leaned forward, giving him all of her weight like some kind of puppet whose strings had been cut. He wrapped his arms around her and held her there.

“Holy shit,” she mumbled into his ear, placing a clumsy kiss somewhere between his chin and his neck.

Humans had the funniest sayings. But now wasn’t the time to dwell on that. Mad couldn’t make himself let go of his mate. He leaned back against the plush back of the throne and kept her with him.

“There were many things I thought I might do in Jadirel’s throne room,” Mad mused, running one hand up and down Kenzie’s back, “but I never imagined this.” Somehow, she was still mostly clothed, her dress bunched up around her waist. He needed to find a place for them to sleep for the night.

“Don’t ruin the afterglow by saying that asshole’s name,” she said. “It’s your throne room now. Never thought I’d fuck a king.”

“Before everything else, I am your mate.” The joy and satisfaction that went through him at that realization was enough to re-energize him for another round.

“In a bed next time, mate,” Kenzie teased, giving him a kiss before pulling back. “I bet there’s a nice big bath somewhere in here. And a nice big bed. Let’s go find it.” She grabbed his hand and tugged him off the throne.

Mad had to let go to fix his pants, which he did with a wry smile. And then he followed his mate, just as fate intended.

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