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Exile’s Hunter Chapter Sixteen: Free Sci-fi Romance

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She was possessed. Maybe the only way to exorcise this thing between them was to work it out. Physically. Excuses rushed through Kenzie’s mind as she pressed herself tight against Mad. She needed release. He was close by. Her body liked his body. This was the last time and it would be out of her system.

None of them mattered. She was in Mad’s arms and that was it.

She wanted him in a way she didn’t understand. Whether this was its own kind of craziness, alien space pheromones, or years of pent up attraction spent on the first man too hot for her to resist, she didn’t care. She was going to take Mad. Again.

And she was going to love every second of it.

He didn’t try to push her away. Even better, he gathered her in his arms and pulled her back from the ledge of the building. Probably for the best. When orgasm sent her soaring, she didn’t want it to be literally. And that she trusted Mad to take care of her even in that small way should have scared her. But Kenzie was far away from fear.

She didn’t have to be afraid when Mad was taking care of her. No one had taken care of her in so long, and if she wasn’t careful, she’d get used to it. She could become addicted to this alien if she didn’t watch herself.

But right then, she didn’t want to behave. She couldn’t if she tried.

There was a private alcove a few steps back that provided shelter from the heat of the day, and even better, a sitting area was set up with cleared ground and pillows. If she hadn’t chosen this meeting place, she might have accused Mad of plotting.

But she was too caught up in kissing him to care. He could have fucked her up against a wall or under the glaring sun, and she would have loved it. That they had their own private alcove was an unexpected treat.

His clothes were thin wool and she was tempted to tear them off. Or maybe she could cut them with her knife. Mad got a hot look in his eyes when she went for her blades. Instead, she pulled and peeled his shirt off, revealing a chest she could write poems about if she had the skill. The muscle reminded her of warriors of old, and she wanted to memorize every inch of it… with her tongue.

How did a man get to be so fucking perfect?

Mad’s lips trailed down her neck, teasing sensitive flesh and making her shiver. She felt strangely exposed. She never let anyone get this close, and here she was allowing this man to put his teeth on her neck. It wouldn’t take much for him to kill her.


But judging by the hard flesh still trapped in his pants, killing her was the last thing on his mind. Not unless a person could be killed with pleasure.

He opened the laces of her tunic and exposed her breasts. The groan he let out at the sight made her shiver, and when he took one of her nipples in his mouth, she couldn’t stop her gasp. Not that she wanted to. Her body was hot and tight, as if she didn’t quite fit in her skin anymore, and the only way to make things right again was release.

She was surrendering to this thing between them, at least for now, and there was no reason to resist. Not anymore. If she was damning herself, at least she could enjoy it.

She ran her hand through Mad’s hair, holding him in place, not that he wanted to pull away. The man’s tongue was his weapon, and he was as much a warrior here as on the battlefield. But this time, she had no defense against him. He’d conquered her with his kisses.

It should have been a warning. He was barely doing anything to her, and yet she felt more pleasure than she could remember any lover ever giving her… except for Mad. It had to be more evidence of the crazy alien pheromones.

She’d stopped caring about that the second she kissed him.

He hiked up her tunic and she shimmied out of her underwear. The tunic had seemed practical when she put it on, and a distant part wondered if she’d always been planning for this.

When it was done, she’d deny it all. But now?

Yes, Kenzie could admit to herself just how much she wanted him, how much she’d hoped he would want her too. And he did. She couldn’t wait to take him.

His finger teased her entrance, and she hitched her leg around his hip, giving him even more room. She wanted him buried inside of her. She hadn’t forgotten the feel of him in the day since they’d been together. And she’d dreamed of him fucking her on their night apart.

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She shouldn’t have missed him. Missing him was craziness. But every moment apart made her heart ache.

Now when they were tangled together like this, things felt right for the first time since their parting.

He stretched her, and thoughts of anything but the moment were washed away in a wave of pleasure. She was so close to coming already and she knew it could only get better.

How was it possible? How could a man that made her feel like this, who made her think about destiny and a future beyond her current path, have been born light years away from her?

What were the odds they’d ever meet?

She clutched him close, urging him inside. No matter how much she wanted this, they didn’t have much time. And she yearned.

The blunt tip of Mad’s cock brushed against her, and Kenzie gasped in pleasure, a gasp that transformed into a moan as he slowly slid inside of her. He filled her so thoroughly she knew she’d feel empty again until the next time she could take him to bed. And even though she shouldn’t have been thinking about a future with him anywhere near her, in this moment she was helpless to stop.

They rocked together, hips pumping in a rhythm that was all their own. Kenzie had to choke back loud cries of pleasure. They were still on the roof. The door wasn’t locked. They could be walked in on at any moment.

That shouldn’t have been hot. But somehow, the forbidden nature of this tryst made it all the better.

It sent her over the edge, and then her body was rippling around Mad’s, holding him within her as she came. And he followed right after, his own sounds of pleasure music to her ears.

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She breathed in his masculine scent as her body began to calm, her arms wrapped tightly around him.

They had to get back to business. She had to let him go.

In a minute.

She could steal just one more minute. And then she’d let herself think of everything that existed outside the cocoon of the two of them.

She just needed one more minute.

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