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Exile’s Hunter Chapter Seven: Free Sci-fi Romance

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Kenzie’s energy swirled around her, strong enough for any Kru’dari to be tempted. Mad wanted to back her up against the nearest wall and take her for himself. He’d do it with or without her energy.

But they were on the street and anyone could come by. It wasn’t safe to be out in Jadirel’s territory at night.

Do you want to take me yourself?

The words echoed in his head. He still had Kenzie’s hand in his. His quarters were only a minute away. He could take her to his bed and keep her there for as long as she would stay.

Forever, if he had any say in the matter.

What he was feeling was crazy. He wasn’t the kind of man to try and claim a woman the moment she laid eyes on him. But he wanted Kenzie for his own. If he were a better man, he’d let her walk away. He’d tell her to stay safe, or perhaps walk her to her quarters to watch her back, and then he’d let her go.

But there was desire in her eyes. She didn’t ask the question idly.

She wanted him too.

If he left her alone, Jadirel’s men could find her. He might have saved her from the king for now, but if Jadirel remembered her, he’d send Tyze or one of his other flunkies to find her. She could handle herself in a fight, but Tyze didn’t play fair.

It sounded noble. It was bullshit.

“I live right over there.” Mad pointed to his building. “Want to come home with me?”

Kenzie swallowed, the muscles in her throat a temptation he wanted to taste. Her lips curved up into a smile. “Lead the way.”


He’d never walked a longer distance in his life as he passed the four buildings between where they stood and the entrance to his quarters. He was glad he kept the place neat; he didn’t need Kenzie to judge him for a dirty house.

He closed the door behind them and locked it. Moonlight streamed in through the large window, giving the place an ethereal feel. They’d walked into a magical space. At least for the night.

Kenzie stepped close. He could smell a hint of sweat and the biting scent of the soap from the showers the pit fighters used to clean up. Her eyes danced with danger and lust, her gaze darting between his eyes and his lips.

“Are you doing something to me?” she asked, a hint of vulnerability in her words.

“Are you doing something to me?” There were legends of aliens who came from across the stars to tempt innocent Kru’dari into sin and mischief. But Mad was no innocent.

Promise hung between them until they couldn’t take it anymore. Mad didn’t know who lunged forward, and it didn’t matter. Kenzie’s lips were on his, her taste exploding on his mouth. He had to hunch over a bit to make it work, and her body was straining for an additional inch to meet him.

Screw that.

He hefted her up and her legs came around his waist. She was a little heavier than he expected, her sleek muscles giving her unexpected bulk. It didn’t matter. His muscles barely strained.

She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and kept on kissing him, even as he backed her up until she was against the wall, trapped there by the hot press of his body. She didn’t seem to mind.

And Mad was crazy with want. His cock was an iron rod in his trousers, desperate for the hot, wet sheath of Kenzie’s cunt. He wanted inside of her so badly he was tempted to rip her clothes to shreds and take her right there.

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But he was a barbarian, not a brute.

Kenzie kissed him with a desperation that came with long suppressed lust and uncertainty of when she’d get this again. Mad unleashed everything he had on her and then gave her even more. She never had to want again. He’d do everything he could to keep her satisfied.

She was going to be his.

The need to claim roared inside of him. He was forgetting something important, but nothing was more important that kissing Kenzie. The King of Krudare could hand him a pardon and he’d ignore it, so long as he got to keep Kenzie.

Kenzie pulled against the strap of his leathers and he had a feeling that if she could reach for her knives, she’d cut him out of his gear. A slight hint of sanity returned. He undid the straps and let the leathers fall to the floor, his axe hitting hard and loud. That left his top covered with only a thin shirt that Kenzie ripped at, tearing a little at the V of the neck.

Mad plucked it off and tossed it somewhere behind them before she could do more damage to his wardrobe. Kenzie wasted no time taking off her own clothes. And in a blink, she was naked before him.

Mad drank her in, the swell of her breasts, the curve of her hips and stomach, the way tight muscle lay over it all with too many scars that told a story of violence and death. He wanted to keep her safe. He wanted to hunt down every bastard who had marked her and make them pay.

But mostly he wanted her. And he was done holding back.

He took the rest of his clothes off in swift, economical movements. He could have torn the fabric to shreds, but he didn’t want to send his little human running scared. But judging by the way her eyes raked over him, she wanted the danger that lived within him.

He closed the distance between them and placed his hand on the curve of her neck. He could almost wrap his fingers all the way around her throat, and her pulse fluttered against his palm. He squeezed, just enough to show her he could.

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Her pulse beat even faster. And there wasn’t a hint of fear in her gaze.

He’d seen a mate mark on an exile woman’s neck before. Her mate had wanted all of Guerran to know she was taken. At the time, Mad hadn’t understood. But now, energy sizzled within him, and the urge to claim in that way that couldn’t be taken back rode him.

Lust made him dizzy, but no matter how strong it was, he wouldn’t go that far.

Not tonight.

He reached for Kenzie and kissed her again. She poured her soul into it, like this was her last night of freedom. She was wrong. There was no freedom on Guerran, not for anyone. And she was completely at his mercy. She’d stepped far away from her knives, and he was bigger.

But he knew what she was capable of. He’d seen her in the pit. And that only made his cock harder.

He dipped his fingers into her cunt and found her dripping. He wanted to feast on her until she came apart under his tongue. But his cock was insistent. And she was wet.

They had all night. He was determined to keep her here for as long as he could. Forever, if he could find a way.

There’d be time for everything. Later.

But now he needed her too much to hold back. And Kenzie clutched him hard and thrust her hips against him. “Fuck me,” she demanded against his lips.

Yes. He didn’t give a shit about his bed, not when he already had her in his arms. He pinned her against the wall, and his cock found her entrance, wet and ready for him. He thrust inside, groaning out his pleasure as she gasped at the intrusion.

Her body tensed, and Mad forced himself to still, even as her cunt gripped him in its tight, wet torture. He needed to move. He’d go crazy if he didn’t. But he wouldn’t move an inch until Kenzie was ready for more. She wasn’t some body he was slaking his lust on. She was everything and more.

“More,” she demanded, the words rough in his ear.

Some long forgotten gentlemanly instinct told him to take this slow, to move her to the bed and give her the lovemaking a lady deserved.

But he wasn’t a gentleman any longer, and Kenzie whispered filthy demands in his ear, fingers clutching at him and urging him on.

He unleashed himself, plunging into her and pinning her in place against the wall. He met her every demand with enthusiasm and gave her even more. His body burned from holding her up, and he was a live wire with pleasure.

He kept going.

Kenzie begged for more.

Lust was a tornado around them, twisting and turning and threatening to destroy everything. Mad let himself be taken by it. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d felt free to unleash himself like this, and he wanted more.

Kenzie’s energy burned under her skin, seeking release. Mad drank it up, and even more took its place. No matter how much he took, she replenished it. She was like his own personal Fount, and before long, he brimmed with more energy than he’d had in six years.

He wanted to take more, but Kenzie was clutching him even tighter, riding his cock as her body rippled around his, her head falling back as she cried out in pleasure and came.

Mad followed her off the cliff, emptying himself inside of her as white hot pleasure exploded behind his eyes.

They made it to the bed at some point. And he tasted her until she cried out his name and came again.

Eventually they succumbed to sleep, though Mad vowed to himself it would only be for a short while. He didn’t know how long he slept, but he felt the bed dip, and when he opened his eyes, light fluttered in through the window.

And Kenzie knelt beside him, naked and glorious, her hand gripping a knife she held to his throat. “You’re going to tell me everything you know.”

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