Marked: a Vampire Romance

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Hunting a ghoul shouldn't be a life changing experience. At least not for an experienced vampire huntress. When Gold Jones goes out for her nightly hunt guarding the sleepy streets of her Chicago suburb, she doesn't expect to end up on the tail of two vampires.

The first chills her blood, his psychotic psychic scent sending shivers down her spine and spurring her on a desperate hunt to destroy him before he can wreak havoc on Jasperton, Illinois.

But Gold knows that the other vampire, Adam Luther, is the true threat. He's old, he's powerful, and he's so damn sexy that she can momentarily forget that they are enemies pitted against one another in a centuries-long war. Luther claims to be reformed, but how can she trust that a vampire could ever change?

While a deranged vampire stalks their city, they must work together to save an innocent life. And as the connection between them grows ever stronger, both their hearts and lives will be at stake.

This is a complete story with no cliffhanger.

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