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“Teleportation?” Emily asked, looking at the long list she’d jotted down.


“Wait, seriously?” She shifted on Oz’s lap, pulling back so she could look at him and her list.

“Yes, of course.” He seemed confused that she was shocked. He trailed his lips along her neck. “Now how long did you want to do this for?”

“Twenty questions is traditional.” Though if he kept kissing her she might stop before then.



“Killer artificial intelligence?”

“Why would we allow something like that?” His hands cupped her waist and Emily reveled in the heat.


“Because why?” His chuckle had a sexual tinge to it and all she’d have to do was lean forward the tiniest bit to feel just how ready he was for this game to be over.

“Star Trek?”

“What’s a Star Trek?”

Ok, this was serious. “It’s only one of the best TV shows ever! And there’s been a version of it on for over fifty years. I mean, not continuously, and some of it is kind of terrible. But otherwise it’s good.”

“That’s a very coherent recommendation.” He went back to kissing her.




“Sort of.”

“Sort of?” She wanted yes or no answers, not riddles.

“I’m not a scientist,” Oz grumbled. “It has to do with blood or organs. I remember learning about it in school.”

She’d have to be satisfied with that, and she hoped it wasn’t like that movie where they said they were cloning organs but it was actually people. “Mutants.”

“Mutations don’t exist where you’re from?”

No X-Men. Darn it. She’d been hoping that one was real. “Giant robots you can pilot to kill monsters?”

That got Oz to pull back. “What kind of planet is Earth? Giant monsters? Killer AI? How did you survive for decades?”

Emily burst out laughing. “That’s all fiction! But now since my life is like something out of a movie I’m trying to determine what’s real and what’s not. I promise you, Earth is incredibly mundane and boring.” And she missed it. Sometimes. But then there were the times she got to wake up with Oz holding her close, and she knew that this was the life she would have chosen, no matter what.

She wanted him. She loved him.

“Okay,” she said. “Enough of the game. For now.”

“Just wait until I turn the tables on you,” he warned.

Emily laughed. Like that would happen. She sealed her mouth over his, kissing him long and deep.

Yeah, there was nothing better than this.

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