A Night with Two Mates

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mate300-saturatedThe planets align and the werewolves mate…

Darla Martin is scraping by as a freelancer, and the promise of a big payout has brought her to a forest in Ohio in search of werewolves. But the wintery night is cold and treacherous and she soon finds herself soaking wet and desperate for shelter.

Where she meets Storm and Jace…

It is the night of a rare planetary alignment, and the two men are on the edge of feral and human. When they scent Darla, they know that she is their mate, destined for both of them.

Between two alphas, Darla soon finds her pleasure and is changed forever.

This is an erotic short.

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One thought on “A Night with Two Mates

  1. Love the story, the A Night with Two mates, wish there was more story to there though. What happens to her after she goes for run, would love to see more, please & thank you.

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